Sunday, March 4, 2012

In the Beginning

 As you look at these pictures and at the title of my blog you are probably thinking "Really? This is a Garden of Eden?" I know that it doesn't look like one right now but I have faith that by the time I am done, it will look like a "Garden of Eden".

 My father bought this manufactured home in February of 2011 and my brother, myself, my daughter and my father moved in in May of 2011. My daughter is away at college most of the time and my brother and myself take care of our father since his stroke in January of 2010. We haven't had a chance to do very much with the landscaping due to some situations that came up and then the holidays and winter came around. But now that it is almost spring, it is time to get to work, and believe me, by the time we are done it will be "My Garden of Eden."

 I have big plans for this small amount of property that is around the home. As we go along I will be sharing our progress, our successes and our failures. This will be an edible organic garden. I welcome any sugestions or ideas.

There is a very well established tangerine tree in the yard already.
 They are the sweetest tangerines I have ever tasted. The fruit started ripening around the beginning of December and it still has approximately 150 tangerines waiting to fully ripen.

One of my pictures shows an azalea that has been a little neglected. I transplanted it the other day and put it in an area that has part sun and part shade. I trimmed back some of the little branches and cleaned off the spent flowers. Hopefully in a while I can post some pictures of it doing quite well in it's new home.

The last picture shows a dirt area with a latice fence separating the upper yard from the lower yard. That was done for two reasons. One, so my dog Makenna would not be able to get out of the yard and two so that the fruit and vegetables would have protection from my dog. She is part boxer, part rottweiler and we think she may have a little shepard in her also and she is quite energetic so we thought it would be a good idea to separate her from the vegetables and fruit.

Well, until tomorrow when I will be planting some strawberry's, I have enjoyed sharing "My Garden of Eden" with you and  I thank you for stopping by.


  1. Hi Maggie,

    I love strawberries I look forward to watching them grow. Maybe you could include a picture of you dog her mixture sounds interesting.

    Have a Great One,

    1. Thanks Arnita. I'll post a picture of Makenna soon. I will continue to post pictures of the strawberries along with if they're having any problems, the solution. Yhank you for stopping by.